Wanna gatecrash to great health…Stick to this rule: Don’t throw away those sticks…Pal..aka…Spinach! Stay slim with this all season super versatile veggie that is dense in nutrients and low in calories, heals your heart and guards your health.

 Dish Type:  South Indian sss enjoy copy

Preparation Time:  10 min

Cooking time:  20  min

Serves:  4 persons


Spinach sticks                    1 bunch

Water                                   500 ml

Salt to taste                        2 tsps approx.

Cinnamon                           ½” pc

Cardamom                          1 no.

Clove                                     1 no.

Flour                                      1 tbsp (Ragi or Rice or Wheat flour)

Fresh cream                       1 tbsp

Pepper powder                                1 tbsp


Separate spinach stalks and leaves. Wash the stalks thoroughly in water. Drain out the water.

Boil the sticks in about 250 ml water. Grind the boiled sticks to a paste. Put the paste back to the boiled water. Add some more water (250 ml approx.) and salt. Continue boiling. Tie cinnamon, cardamom and clove in a cloth and put this into the boiling water. Add flour to a bowl. Make it into a paste using few spoons of water. Add this paste to the boiling water. Continue boiling for 10 to 15 min. When the stock reaches soup consistency, add fresh cream whisked along with few spoons of milk, a pinch of salt and pepper. Add this to the boiling broth and switch off the flame.

Spinach Stalks Soup is now ready.


Boiled peas, sweet corn or any other boiled vegetable, boiled noodles, fried bread pieces may also be added to this soup.

Spinach stalks are rich in fibre and easy to digest as compared to those of few other leafy greens.

Since only stalks are used here, the soup is not really green in colour. To get a clear green coloured soup, cook spinach leaves, grind and add the paste to the soup. The more of the paste that you add, the greener shall be the soup in colour!

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