Freezing collection! Cups of milk curdling, each of them crying “please use me” “find friends for me”….are you going frenzy? Don’t be crazy! Just chill…..all they need is a bit of cuddling and cajoling. Call for rice, methi, poha, black gram etc. etc. Give these crying curds their company. Soak, blend, grind, do all you can and see to it that they gel well. Let these pals enjoy a “sleepover” soaking in your kitchen. Bear with them for just one night. Better no battering for this budding batter! Next morning, they arise, up and ready. Just pour one ladleful on a hot tava and see the sumptuous surprise! Crispiest Crepe bubbling only for you…just go gobble!!

Batter type: Curd DosaCurd Dosa

Preparation time: 5 min

Soaking time:  5 hrs

Fermenting time: 12 hrs

Grinding time: 45 min

Yield: 2.5  litres (approx.)


Rice                             750 gmsCurd Dosa Batter

Black gram dhal          200 gms

Methi seeds                20 gms

Poha (Avalakki)           250 gms (thick variety)

Curds                           1 litre

Salt to taste                 50 gms approx.


Soak all ingredients except salt, in water for 2 hours. Drain out the water and then soak in curds for 3 hours.

Now the grinding…

Pour about ½ litre water into the wet grinder and switch on the grinder.

Now pour the soaked ingredients into the grinder.

Keep adding very little quantities of water, stirring the batter at intervals.

The batter keeps sticking to the sides of the grinder. Keep clearing the sides off the batter by pushing it towards the centre.

Continue grinding till the texture of batter becomes smooth.

Now transfer it to a vessel big enough to hold all the batter in less than half its height. This is to prevent the batter that rises up on fermenting from spilling out of the vessel. As an extra precaution, keep a basin (bigger than the size of the vessel which contains the batter) underneath the vessel so that any batter that spills out of the vessel collects in the basin. This batter can be transferred back to the vessel.

The above step is especially important for “Curd Dosa Batter” preparation.

Now mix the batter thoroughly. Close the vessel with a lid and let it stand for about 12 hours. Add salt just before you are ready to use the batter. Mix the batter well and let it stand till the salt dissolves.

Curd Dosa Batter is now ready.

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This batter can be used to prepare dosas that are either thick or thin. For making thicker version of dosa, batter once poured on to the hot tava need not be spread all over, whereas for making thinner variety, on pouring the batter on the hot tava, it has to be spread all around in circular motion. By doing so, paper thin dosas can be made.

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