Ingredients for Dough      

Chiroti Rava/ Fine cream of Wheat – ¼ kg

All-purpose flour/ Maida Flour – ¼ kg

Ghee/ Clarified butter – 2 tbsp

Turmeric – ½ tsp

Salt to taste

Preparation of dough

  • Heat ghee and mix it well with all other ingredients required for making dough
  • Now add water in small quantities to the above mix and knead it thoroughly to get a soft dough
  • Keep it covered for half an hour

Ingredients for Sugar Syrup

Sugar – ¼ kg

Water – same quantity as sugar

Cardamom / Elaichi – 1

Saffron – few pods

Preparation of sugar syrup

  • Soak saffron in little water and keep it aside
  • Put sugar in a thick bottomed vessel. Pour water (equal quantity as sugar) and let it boil for some time till it attains the right consistency*
  • At this time add cardamom/elaichi powder and soaked saffron pods. Syrup is now ready. Keep it aside

*Checking for consistency

1st method – Dip a flat ladle in the sugar syrup and lift it. Consistency is perfect when, on lifting the ladle, the syrup doesn’t pour down fast from the ladle and takes time for the syrup to drip down from the ladle.

2nd method – Pour a drop of syrup on to a cup of water. Consistency is right when syrup doesn’t dissolve fast and forms a shining layer on top of water.

Preparation of Bandhus

  • Divide the dough into small lemon sized balls
  • Take one ball at a time. Roll it to a circular shape of about 4” diameter.
  • Make ½” wide slits on it leaving about ½” from the edge
  • Now start folding each slit (starting from one end) on to the next so that it overlaps. Continue folding till you reach the other end.
  • Now press each of the ends so as to seal them thoroughly
  • Like this prepare about 5 to 6 bandhus at a time.
  • Pour oil in a skillet/ kadai till it reaches half the depth of kadai. Heat it
  • Now deep fry the bandhus till golden brown. Drain the oil from these fried bandhus and dip them in sugar syrup immediately
  • Leave them in the syrup for a minute or two. Remove and place them on to a bowl or plate (preferably with holes to drain out the syrup) vertically and placed one next to the other without touching each other
  • Leave it open for a few hours.
  • Garnish with grated and coarsely powdered dry coconut or thin vertically slit almond pieces

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